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What is Real Estate Syndication?.

Real estate syndication combines a traditional concept with a modern twist, making it more accessible due to technological and legislative changes. Despite its centuries-old roots among wealthy investors, many are still unfamiliar with this evolving investment strategy.

Understanding the Basics

Real estate syndication involves a partnership between multiple investors and a sponsor to fund a specific development project. The sponsor identifies and purchases the property, while investors collectively own shares in the project through the syndicate.

Syndication vs. Other Real Estate Investments

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Although often likened to crowdfunding, syndication differs in its specific partnership structure, with investors having ownership in the entity that holds the property. 

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In contrast to Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), syndication provides investors with direct ownership in the physical property rather than shares in a portfolio, offering more control and choice in the projects. 

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Private Equity Fund 

Syndication's transparency stands out as a key differentiator compared to real estate private equity funds, where investors commit funds before specific projects are chosen. 

Why Choose Real Estate Syndication?

Highlighting Challenges & Advantages

Investing in real estate alone poses challenges such as high capital requirements, diverse skill sets, and time commitments.

How Does Real Estate Syndication Work?

The Process Unveiled

The syndication process involves the formation of an entity for purchasing a specific property. Investors own shares in this entity, simplifying their involvement. The sponsor scouts, acquires, and manages the property, with investors transferring funds and tracking progress through online platforms.

  • Access to Bigger Projects

  • Flexibility in Project Choices

  • Direct Ownership Benefits

  • Competitive Returns

  • Expert Management



Who Can Invest?

To invest in real estate syndication, accreditation is required. This entails meeting specific financial criteria. Examples illustrate how syndication works for a single-family house flip and a multi-family development. Accredited investors seeking access to larger real estate deals, project flexibility, low minimum investments, and competitive returns may find real estate syndication an ideal choice.



Getting Started: Simple Three-Step Process.

Step 1

Sign up and verify accreditation with third-party partners.

Step 2

Choose investments from online opportunities.

Step 3

Securely transfer funds and proceeds distributed after project completion.

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